Wealthy Affiliate University Education

Wealthy Affiliate University – Online Education or Scam?

On the quest to find the absolute best in continuing education, we have come across Wealthy Affiliate University. Here we find continuing education for affiliate marketers that want to improve their skills and take their online businesses to the next level.

What is Wealthy Affiliate University?

Wealthy Affiliate University is a continuing education institution dedicated to teaching its students how to succeed at affiliate marketing. It consists of a comprehensive course load that teaches every aspect of affiliate marketing and online business.

In order to fully understand Wealthy Affiliate University, let us take a close look at the curriculum offered in order to determine the quality of education offered at this institution.

What Courses are offered at Wealthy Affiliate University?

Let’s take a look at the courses offered by Wealthy Affiliate University.

The main training at Wealthy Affiliate University is designed to prepare you for Online Entrepreneurship and consists of 5 levels of training.

Let’s break them down..

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started

Wealthy Affiliate University Level 1Wealthy Affiliate University Level 1

Wealthy Affiliate University Level 1This level consists of 10 lessons designed to give you a quality introduction into the world of becoming an online entrepreneur.

These are the 10 Lessons.

  1. Getting Rolling
  2. Understanding How to Make Money Online
  3. Choose a Niche
  4. Building Your Own Website
  5. Setting up Your Website
  6. Getting Your Site Ready for SEO
  7. Finding content Ideas from Keywords
  8. Understand Website Pages and Creating your First 3
  9. Creating Quality Website Content
  10. Congratulations and your Next Steps

According to this review at Jvanderlaan.com, these first 10 lessons are absolutely free to anyone that chooses to participate.

Let’s take a look at the courses offered in level 2.

Online Entrepreneur Certification -Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

Wealthy Affiliate University Level 2

This level begins to teach how to build a website that can generate free traffic.

It also consists of 10 high quality lessons, both written and video.

Here are the 10 lessons.

  1. Your own domain. Your Brand. Traffic
  2. Building out your website. Theme based content.
  3. Setting up a domain. Specific email account.
  4. The traffic breakdown.
  5. Making use of visuals.
  6. Getting crafty with the WordPress editor.
  7. Understanding the low hanging fruit.
  8. Making face as a real person.
  9. Amplifying your Google. Love with Google…
  10. Boosting your WA ranks.

This is high quality continuing education if you are building an online business!

Lets take a look at the courses offered in level 3 at Wealthy Affiliate University.

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Level 3- Making Money

Wealthy Affiliate University Level 3

Wealthy Affiliate University Level 3Wealthy Affiliate University Level 3

Here in level three the education begins to take us into the important aspects of creating an online business.

Making money…

Here are the ten lessons that encompass level three.

  1. Understanding the money in online business.
  2. Understanding affiliate programs and networks.
  3. Relevant affiliate programs are everywhere.
  4. Adding affiliate links to your pages.
  5. Instant access to a million products.
  6. Leveraging product reviews.
  7. Getting paid for ads on your site.
  8. Earning pennies or dollars?
  9. A brilliant way to track and understand your traffic.
  10. With help comes financial success.

These ten lessons are the foundation of online entrepreneurial success.

Let us take a look at what courses are offered at the next level at Wealthy Affiliate University.

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Level 4 – Mastering Social Engagement

Wealthy Affiliate University Level 4Wealthy Affiliate University Level 4Wealthy Affiliate University Level 4

As you can see the curriculum at Wealthy Affiliate University continues to delve into exactly what is needed to succeed in an online business today.

Mastering Social Engagement.

This level also consists of 10 lessons.

Here they are.

  1. What does social engagement mean to your business?
  2. Making your website a place to engage.
  3. Using Facebook the right way.
  4. Pinterest and the visual social hemisphere.
  5. Incorporating a sound tweeting campaign.
  6. Google plus or minus?
  7. The benefit of being social at WA.
  8. Make your campaigns social branding animals.
  9. Using the Wealthy Affiliate University social community.
  10. You cannot be a master of everything.

The course in level 4 of the curriculum are truly emblematic of the high quality education offered at Wealthy Affiliate University.

Let us take a look at the level 5 curriculum.

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Level 5 – The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation…

Wealthy Affiliate University Level 5

Wealthy Affiliate University is taking the curriculum to the next level and focusing on the most important aspect of building a sustainable online business…


Here are the ten lessons included in the curriculum in level 5.

  1. Content is YOUR business.
  2. Setting up Google webmaster tools.
  3. Improving indexing times and speeds.
  4. People need to read your content.
  5. A year is a short period of time… Yet big.
  6. Writing within a devised plan architecture.
  7. Writing your content with conversion intent.
  8. Injecting comments with intent.
  9. Bing and Yahoo, they are still the 33%.
  10. Articulating a plan for the months and year.

This part of the curriculum at Wealthy Affiliate University is designed to teach you how to maximize your potential when it comes to creating content for your online business.


After having an in depth look at the curriculum at Wealthy Affiliate University and having an opportunity to take part in the actual classes, I can officially say that Wealthy Affiliate University is a very real and unique continuing education institution.

Continuing education can take many different forms depending on your chosen field and Wealthy Affiliate University is the perfect choice for those of you that have chosen an online business as your career choice.